• Fully automated process of filling valve bags: With the aid of the automatic bag feeding arm and the recipe configuration, the entire operation, from bag pick up and filling through to evacuation and closing, happens automatically within this machine. 
  • Process that is flexible: The ILERSAC VBF allows for valve bags to be optimally filled with a variety of products, using a variety of bag formats.  
  • Process that optimizes the bagging of powdery products: The ILERSAC VBF has a fluidization dosing system, which uses the force of air to push product into valve bags in a sustained flow, until bag is optimally filled.  
  • Process allowing consistent heterogeneous mixing: The ILERSAC VBF avoids segregating heterogeneous products through its multi-fluidization options.  It can easily maintain the distribution of different product components inside the bag.  
  • Process that is dust free:  The ILERSAC VBF is unusual in it’s ability to bag powdery products into valve bags while keeping dust to a minimum. It does this through multiple configuration options at the bagging point (depending on the requirements of each project).
  • Machine that is durable: The ILERSAC VBF is specifically designed with configurations that deter wear and tear of its components.  Because of that, it can easily handle abrasive products. 
  • Machine requiring minimal maintenance:  Routine maintenance can be reduced since this bagging machine has no mechanical product drive elements.
  • Machine that is easily cleaned: The ILERSAC VBF has corner-free sections with no mechanical elements, which can be easily and quickly cleaned while changing products.