We offer a wide range of bag automation from 1Ib-110Ib Bags and speeds ranging from 1 BPM to 100 BPM.  Open mouth bagging, block bottom bags, Valve bagging with or without Ultra Sonic sealing, Vertical Form Fill and Seal and also Hortizonal Form Fill and seal.  Some of the common bagging applications are Sugar, Flour, Salt, Grains, Petfood, Rice, Animal feed, Fertilizer, Spice blends just to name a few.

Small Bag Packaging: 1lb-20lb

Below are few examples of our small packaging equipment.  These machines bag a variety of products, including a wide range of all types of powders, granules, pellets and flakes. 

Open Mouth: 20lb-110lb

These systems are designed to automatically fill and close pre-made open mouth bags.  The pre-made bags are commonly made from paper and laminated woven poly, and poly.  Options for bag closing include: sewing, tape sewing, pinch bag, and band sealing.  These are designed for granular (beans, pet food, salt, fertilizer, grains), and some powder products.  

Valve with Ultrasonic Sealing: 25lb-100lb

The valve bag automation can be offer with or without Ultrasonic sealing.  Depending on the production required we can provide one to four packers in a row.

Form Fill & Seal

We offer both the Vertical Form Fill and seal and the Horizontal form fill and seal.  The Horizontal is commonly used for 20-50IB bags of top soil, aggregates, mulch, salt kitty litter and more.  The Vertical Form Fill and seals are perfect for small packaging that common in the supermarket.