As Canada's largest Hamer-Fischbein bag closer distributor, we have extensive knowledge of their product line. We can close just about any type of bag, including paper, poly, laminated woven poly, loose woven poly. What kind of closure are you looking for? Plain sew, tape sew, fold over and glue, fold over and sew, the list goes on and on. If you're not sure give us a call and we can select the correct bag closer sewing machine for your style of packaging. Below are some of the common bag closers. We stock all of the common Hamer-Fischbein parts and our service technicians are factory trained.

Fischbein Model F Series Bag Closer Sewing Machine

Pinch Bag & Fold Over Glue Closer

Heavy Duty Sewing Systems

​Hot Air & Band Sealers

Inside look at Bag Closing

We deal in a wide range of efficient and most dependable bag closing machines that suit your semi or fully automated bagging line requirements. Every product that we offer comes with distinct characteristics to bring you a custom solution. Certain factors require consideration when it comes to bagging. For instance, flour bagging requires different bag material and sealing arrangement when compared to pet food. Whether your application calls for plain thread or sew through tape or uses multi-wall paper bags or woven polypropylene,  or jute bags, our equipment is designed to meet your needs. 

We deal in Hamer-Fischbein’s products. Each type of bag closing machine serves a different type of product packaging.

For example:
Our pinch bag & fold over glue closer is a perfect bag closer machine to seal your powder food packaging.

Hot air sealer’s are the best for packing the bag of fertilizer or say a bag of ice melt.

Bag closer sewing machines are available with the technology of plain sewing and tape over sewing where the first one is most suitable for a bag of potato but the later one will be a wise choice for pet food.

We aim to cater to your business needs with a user-friendly technology on the path to growth. Our Industrial bag closer products are designed to provide reliable packaging for all types of bags in a customized way. 

Packaging solutions 

There are a variety of options available in today’s market for a bag closer solution. Some of the important aspects while choosing a bag closer are strength and durability. This is where we offer a reliable solution with proof of concept ensuring a high return on investment for both semi or fully automated bagging lines.

Bag closing machines are capable of closing above 1000 bags per hour which can boost overall output significantly. The sewing head contains integrated lubricating systems that reduce friction, temperature and wear on interior components. The design allows your business to operate at maximum capacity without the risk of mechanical failure.

The threaded chain stitching and automatic cut lines provide secure seals, while the spring load power infeed keeps operators safe. A state-of-the-art bag closing machine features precision and compatibility towards a wide range of bagging materials such as;  laminated woven polypropylene, loose woven ply, Jute and multi-walled paper.

HS Automation, as your full resource partner, provides solutions to optimize any manufacturer's assembly line performance to cater to their needs at an affordable cost. Take a pick from our product list of bag closers or let us know of your precise requirements.