As Canada's largest Hamer-Fischbein Distributer, we have an extensive knowledge of their product line. We can close just about any type of bag, including paper, poly, laminated woven poly, loose woven poly. What kind of closure are you looking for? Plain sew, tape sew, fold over and glue, fold over and sew, the list goes on and on. If you're not sure give us a call and we can select the correct machine for your style of packaging. Below are some of the common bag closers. We stock all of the common Hamer-Fischbein parts and our service technicians are factory trained.

Fischbein Model F

The Model F–Series portable is the entry level in bag closing, The Model F is simple to use and light weight, at only 11Ibs. The machine is designed to close multi-wall paper, woven, and laminated woven polypropylene bags. CSA APPROVED, IN STOCK, MADE IN THE USA.

Pinch Bag & Fold Over Glue Closer

The Fischbein PBC 6000 is designed to close multi-wall paper pinch bags. The machine comes started with variable speed and can close bags up to 75 Ft/per minute.

Fischbein DRC 300 is a double roll and glue machine.  It trims the bag top, then creates the first fold, then applies glue and folds a second time. 

Heavy Duty Sewing Systems

Fischbein is known for sewing. They build the most robust bag closers in the world.  We have machines that have been running in the field for 20 plus years with minimal maintenance.  The two common models are 400NS plain sew and 400TNS tape sewing.  Fischbein has high speed models available for both plain and tape sewing.  Call or email for more information.  

​Hot Air & Band Sealers

These sealers are ideal for closing poly bags.  The Hot Air Sealer is commonly used for closing bags of salt, fertilizer, wood pellets, and much more. 

The Band Sealer gives a nice, polished-looking seal. If your bag will end up in the supermarket, a Band Sealer is the way to go.