Need to fill a bag? We can help.

From 1 Ib to 2000Ibs, from a granular free-flowing product to a powder product, we will select the correct scale for your application. We have experience working with flour, sugar, salt, spices, beans, seed, premix minerals, grass seed, sea weed, cement mix, and milk powders, just to name a few. Below is a brief description of the most common scales we sell and how they work. If your unique application is not listed below, please contact us as I am sure we can come up with a solution.

Gross Weigh Scale

The Hamer-Fischbein 100GW is a precision, electronic gross weigh simplex scale system for open mouth bags. The 100GW is a fast and accurate scale system which handles a variety of granular, free-flowing products such as grain, seed, lentils, dry feed, pellets, and rice. The scale has a user friendly electronic controller for setting the weight and can be used with several types of bag materials, including multi-wall paper, woven or laminated woven polypropylene. After an open-mouth bag is hung on the scale's filler spout, the scale clamps the bag top into place, fills the bag with product, checks the initial weight and corrects subsequent bag weights automatically, and then automatically releases the filled bag onto the closing conveyor. This scale is designed to fill a 10-110 lb bag.

Net Weigh Scale

The Net Weigh Scale pre-weighs the product before it goes into the bag, which is what makes the net weigher faster and more accurate than a gross weigh scale.  Hamer Model 600NW+ Net Weigh Bagging Scale sets the standard for durability, speed and accuracy in net weigh filling. Developed with industrial users in mind, this net weigh scale has twice the steel of competitive models. Each weighing is repeatable and accurate.  This scale can be equipped with several different feeding options.

Valve Bag Filler

Taylor Products Model A air packer is made for packaging fluidizable powders into valve bags. The self-contained pressure blower package and digital scale make this the ideal machine for applications requiring a balance of speed and accuracy.

Tote Bag Filler

The HS tote bag filler is fast, easy, and efficient. Simply hang the bag, place a pallet on the machine and press the start button. At the beginning of the filling process the product valve will open all the way. Once the first set-point is reached the flow will reduce to a dribble. When the full weight is reached the valve will close all the way.