Introducing Akyurek Products

HS Automation is excited to announce our new grain and seed processing machinery partner AKYUREK Technology.  The Akyurek company has been manufacturing grain and seed cleaning machines to exacting standards since the 1970’s and has machines in 90 countries worldwide.  AKYUREK provides a large lineup of equipment types including but not limited to Polishers, Debearder "Z” type elevator, screen cleaners, gravity tables, stone separators, hammer mills, dehuller’s, indent cylinder separator, pea splitting, pea hulling, and more.

Gravity Separators

The LMC Marc Gravity Separators are the latest LMC gravity series which were originally produced in 1941. The Marc is the leader in making fine, definite separations. The Marc’s balanced construction, low noise, and ease of operation have put it at the top of gravity separators. It is the only gravity separator with an automatic discharge system.

Akyurek Gravity Separator

Akyurek Technology G.MAC-010 Gravity Separator - these machines are built for the perfect separation of products with a different weight. They excel at grading by specific weight of products with very slight differences in size and/or weight when those products cannot otherwise be separated by screening (width) or by indented cylinders (length). 

Akyurek Screen Cleaners

The AkyurekExcell Super Fine Seed Cleaner ensures excellent efficiency and purity in the cleaning of all kinds of crops such as garden seeds, grass seeds, flower seeds, corn, leguminous seeds etc. The super fine has a highly efficient air lifting system developed by Akyurek Technology.

Advent Cleaners

The Advent utilizes the aspirator before the screening process to attain unmatched screening accuracy. This aspirator has proven to be the most efficient aspirator available and is used in many different processing plants. It is designed to create a streamlined flow vacuum that is drawn through the product. As the air flow is evenly distributed, the separation is more easily controlled and more accurate. An absence of a controlled flow will result in leaving light material in the good product or, if operated aggressively, heavy, good product in the liftings. As the clean product is discharged from the aspirator, it is gently lowered to the top deck of the Advent to begin the sizing process. The liftings are conveniently discharged for inspection and, if needed, adjustment to the air stream can be made.


The LMC Destoner has a reputation for being the most reliable, user-friendly and efficient destoner available. The heavy-duty construction offers years of service life with minimal attention. No other destoner can match the ease of operation of the LMC. An exact separation can be achieved with a few simple adjustments.

Akyurek Stone Separator

Stone Separator Machine is for efficient separation of stones and metal, glass, and other high-density (heavier) foreign objects from seed lot.

Z Elevator

Z elevator is necessary for both vertical and diagonal transportation of all grains, seed and pulse crops. The most important characteristic of the elevator is it provides gentle handling to the product during transportation.

HS Polisher

HS Polisher is a medium type polisher for edible beans such as blacks, adzuki, kidney beans and more. 

 What does Seed and Grain Processing Equipment Do?

Seed and Grain cleaning equipment is used in the processing of harvested seeds and grains taking them from a raw harvested commodity to a clean and packaged product. Over the last few years, we have made substantial investments in bringing optimum solutions for our valued customers in this necessary domain. 

We offer custom-built industrial separation equipment for your businesses’ unique processing requirements. We work with well-trusted manufacturers like LMC (Lewis M. Carter), and Akyurek by taking their proven, reliable designs with upgraded performance and building the perfect system for you. 

The equipment design allows us to separate the product by weight, size, shape, and colour.

Our Technologies

We deal in imported technology for seed and grain processing. Automated or traditional, our partners bring a strong history of success:

Akyurek Technology Ltd is based out of Mersin, Turkey and is a family owned/run business with over 400 staff. They’ve been manufacturing specialized post harvest conditioning and seed processing equipment since 1973.

"With its four decades of food and seed processing experience, AKYUREK Technology always welcomes its clients in a hospitable and professional atmosphere and continues this professional approach whether in short term trading or long term business partnerships with the feedback received from partnerships and on-site Research and Development center.”

LMC, also known as Lewis M Carter is an American company based in the state of Georgia for over 70 years now. What makes LMC unique is their core belief that they build all their products as if they were building it for themselves. This laser focus on quality control results in some of the highest quality seed cleaning and processing equipment in the world.

"From the precise laser cutting of sheet metal to the meticulous paint touch-up, our products are seen by eyes and touched by hands in every area to ensure the highest quality control. Each machine must pass through a minimum of 50 quality checkpoints prior to shipment. These checkpoints include state-of-the-art computational analysis, along with inspections by highly trained quality control specialists.” - LMC

We assure an unparalleled user experience with reliability, trust, and supreme efficiency. The latest seed and grain cleaning equipment offers a digital interface with user-friendly customization options designing around specific commodities and their size. 

Let us know your requirements and we’ll propose the perfect seed and grain cleaner that fits your particular needs.

Grain and Seed Processing Equipment FAQs

How does grain get processed?

The first step in grain processing is simple: The heads cut off from the wheat stem and then the heads are threshed to separate the grains from the chaff. The grains are then processed separating any remaining debris, finally the grain after the sorting is completed is then transported to a mill where the germ, bran and endosperm are separated.

What happens to a piece of grain when it is processed?
Processing facilities separate the germ, bran and endosperm also known as milling will remove the less desirable and difficult to digest compounds found in grains while concentrating the easily digestible compounds. This does lower the overall nutrient content of the grain, but leaves the cleaned product in suitable condition for dry storage.

Why is seed processing required?
Seed processing reduces the moisture content of the seeds to a safe level. A seed cleaner removes contaminants such as undesired seeds from weeds, other crops and even seeds that have been damaged or otherwise deteriorated. This grading ensures the seed and grain from farmers is suitable for both food and commercial uses.

What are Seed Cleaners?
Seed cleaning, also known as seed conditioning, is the process of preparing harvested seeds for use by farmers. Seed cleaning is a complex process involving lowering the water content of the seeds, cleaning and passing through sorters before the seeds are able to pass through grading to be sold as a consumable product.

What is seed cleaning?
Seed cleaners remove unwanted materials or low-quality seeds. A special cleaning machine sorts the seeds from debris collected by farmers during harvest and separate poor quality or unwanted seeds that can ruin a sample or don't belong in food products.

How is gravity separation used?
A modern gravity separator is used to separate and standardize materials like seeds, nuts and beans. A gravity separator sorts products that have the same approximate size but have different weights.