We specialize in robotic palletizing for stacking bags and boxes. We integrate Fuji Robots; their control system is the best in the business for stacking boxes or bags. We are Canada's largest Fuji integrator and have sold systems all throughout Canada and the USA. Our systems can have your product packaged, palletized, shrink-wrapped, and ready for shipment. We offer a selection of bag automation, which allows us to provide a turnkey solution-from the bottom of your bin, to the wrapper pallet, ready for the warehouse.


Robot Single Cell

The single cell is the simplest and most cost effective robot cell available.  Our customers can't believe how easy the system is to run.  These systems are perfect for the 8-10 bag per minute range. Most operators can exchange the full pallet with a empty pallet in less than one minute.  This keeps the robot continually stacking.

  • Flexible-can stack a varity of pallet sizes 
  • Smallest foot print 
  • Very little to go wrong.  

Robot Dual Cell

The dual cell is a very popular layout.  It allows for continuous stacking and keeps the cell very simple to operate. 
Our safety system: once a pallet is full at station #1 the robot automatically switches to station #2. Our safety system allows the forklift to enter stacking station #1 and remove the full pallet while the robot continues to stack station #2. 

The advantages of the dual cell are its smaller foot print, and continuous operation. It is also very simple to operate and less expensive than an auto cell. 

Robot Auto Cell

Auto cell is a good fit for high production.  Our systems include a pallet dispenser, slip-sheet dispenser, pallet conveyors, and auto wrapping station. 

  • Continuous operation 
  • The forklift operator isn't tied to the machine 
  • Less pallet handling with auto wrapper.
  • High speed: up to 24 cycles per minute.

Robot Custom Cell

Have a unique application?  Need conveyors to run from one building to the next?  How about picking product up from three locations and stacking in two? Let us know what your application is, and we'll let you know if you're crazy or not!  All kidding aside, contact us and we can sort out a stacking solution.

Robot Accessories

Is your robot End Of Arm Tooling getting worn out? Replace your EOAT with our HS Automation bag gripper and pickup conveyor. Specifically designed for stacking bags, our gripper is well-proven and rugged.