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Automatic bagging machine | ILERSAC W

High-capacity automatic bagging machine for open-mouth bags, flat or with side gussets

  • Output

    Up to 1400 bags/hour
  • Product type

  • Type of bag

    Paper, PE, PP, with or without gussets
  • Automation level





  • Process that is reliable and fast in bagging woven polypropylene bags: The ILERSAC W was specially designed to handle high quantities of woven polypropylene bags, quickly and reliably.  
  • Process that is fully automated: The entire operation, from bag placement and filling through to evacuation and closing, happens automatically within this machine. 
  • Process that is flexible and fast in format changes: The ILERSAC W is designed for pre-formed bags, and can easily handle bag format changes for bags between 10 and 50 kg.
  • Process that is versatile: The ILERSAC W allows for bags with or without side gussets. It can easily handle and adjust to each bag size because of its internally opening bagging spout.  
  • Process that optimizes production at the bagging point: The ILERSAC W sustains a constant rate of bags per hour, which can streamline and optimize final outcomes.
  • Machine that is easily cleaned and maintained: The ILERSAC W has been designed to be highly accessible.  It has minimal support legs on the floor, which makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.  
  • Flexible process configuration: The ILERSAC W can easily integrate processes with any type of marking, coding or labeling on an empty bag, and can accommodate various sealing systems, like stitching, sealing or both.