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We are incredibly excited to introduce our highly anticipated flagship product, the Ilerpal H. As a proudly Canadian company, HS Automation is dedicated to being your trusted partner for all your agri-food product processing needs in Canada and the USA. Our team of experts specializes in state-of-the-art bag filling, closing, and robotic palletizing solutions. This revolutionary automatic hybrid palletizer, developed in-house by TMI, is poised to completely redefine the industry standards with its cutting-edge technology and unmatched efficiency. Join us on this incredible journey as we pave the way for a new era in the industry. Please speak with our team today to learn more.


Versatile Applications and Impressive Output

The Ilerpal H is designed for versatility, handling various formats, from agri-food products like seeds, grains, animal feed, and pet foods to construction and mining materials such as sepiolites, perlite, mortars, and more. Its impressive output of up to 1000 open-mouth bags per hour and a maximum pallet height of 2,700 mm make it a reliable workhorse for your operations. Whether you’re in the food industry processing sugar, semolina, pulses, nuts, flour, and other ingredients or the recycling sector dealing with biomass and plastic pellets, the Ilerpal H ensures smooth, efficient, and effective palletizing.

Benefits of Ilerpal H

The Ilerpal H stands out for its exceptional features and benefits. Utilize the unique feature or layer forming with your products on the pallet. It helps with larger product bags like pet food, seed and grain, animal feed, food ingredients, cake mixes, and more. This machine saves energy and components, resulting in long-term cost-effectiveness, with gentle, quiet, and precise palletizing guarantees smooth operation while minimizing product damage. Aside from operational efficiency, the Ilerpal H is flexible with quick format changes. Its design optimizes plant space, allowing for handling a wide range of formats. Whether processing seeds, grains, animal feed, or pet foods, Ilerpal H can meet your needs.

Options for Ilerpal H

For businesses dealing with corrosive products, the Ilerpal H offers anti-corrosion versions. It also provides ATEX versions for work in Classified Zones. Additional options include a cardboard sheet dispenser for empty pallets and loaded pallets and a PE sheet dispenser from the roll for empty pallets, complete with a stapler. This machine features an automatic stretch wrapper option. The entire pallet is completely wrapped after exiting the palletizer, reducing the amount of handling by the forklift. It also makes the full pallet ready for shipping or storage.

HS Automation Takes Your Business to the Next Level

HS Automation is a family-run company that provides world-class equipment to suit your production needs. Whether you require full automation or a simple setup, our team has the plant layout and automation expertise you can count on. Take your business to the next level with the Ilerpal H. Contact us today to learn how we can tailor our solutions to your needs. Let’s work together to optimize your production process with the best bagging and palletizing.

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