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Automatic rotary bag feeding and packing machine

Up to 900 bags/hour


The automatic bagging machine ILERSAC R provides a…

  • Process that optimizes production at bagging point: The ILERSAC R contains a carousel with 6 rotary filling spouts. It is ideally designed to maintain line production for products that need to settle within a bag.
  • Process that is highly autonomous: The ILERSAC R can extend the consumables replenishment period with its empty bag magazine and belt conveyor, which permit the preparation of multiple stacks of bags on standby.
  • Process that provides bag stability: The ILERSAC R provides greater stability to bags (allowing for better stacking results) through it’s 3 product compacting stations. During the carousel’s rotations, these compacting stations allow products inside bags to settle.
  • Process that is dust-free: The ILERSAC R has 6 oval bagging spouts with external sealing clamps, which prevent the product from being released into the work environment during the bag filling process. This machine can be paired up with a separate, automated system to gather up any product that might have leaked out, which is a common practice in the food industry.
  • Process that is fully automated: The entire operation, from bag placement and filling through to evacuation and closing of the filled bag, happens automatically within the ILERSAC R.
  • Machine that is easily cleaned and maintained: The ILERSAC R has been designed to be highly accessible. It has minimal guides, barriers and floor supports which makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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