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AKY Technology Gravity Separator

The AKY Technology Gravity Separator – these machines are built for the perfect separation of products with a different weight. They excel at grading by specific weight of products with very slight differences in size and/or weight when those products cannot otherwise be separated by screening (width) or by indented cylinders (length).

Gravity Separator Machine


Gravity Separator machine is for separating products from impurities, products with very slight difference in sizes and were separated previously like (weak, damaged, lost moisture and discolored products) . With this cleaning process the quality is increased. Effective separation in sesame and cumin products. Barley is absolutely a product that should be in agricultural products such as wheat for sowing. Germination rate of the seeds in one machine clearly rises.

Work Principle:

The product fed into a silo by means of the feeder elevator. This table applications are controlled by vibration which is applied to speed control device. With the easy slope of the hydraulic system table, left and right, front and backward can be adjusted correctly.

Products can be used in machine: Pulses, Grain, Cumin Sesame or so.

AKY Gravity Separator Brochure

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