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Horizontal FFS packing machine for automatic filling and sealing of bags made from tubular reel

Up to 1400 bags/hour

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The automatic FFS bagging machine ILERBAG H provides a…

  • Process that is fully automated: The ILERBAG H can automatically make, fill and seal bags, due to its Form-Fill-Seal technology.
  • Process that is autonomous: This bagging system uses long reels, which can hold more consumables at a given time, thus requiring fewer replacements.
  • Process with optimal return on investment: The ILERBAG H can significantly reduce the cost per bag by its use of the reels, the process of optimizing consumables and the standardization of bag formats.
  • Machine that is smooth, precise and compact: The ILERBAG H is one of the most compact bagging solutions on the market, for polyethylene and other heat-sealable compounds, as it can smoothly and precisely make, fill and seal bags in one single unit.
  • Machine that is easily maintained: The ILERBAG H has been designed to be highly accessible. It has minimal guides and barriers, which makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • Flexible process configuration: The ILERBAG H can easily be fitted with various modules, like corner heat sealing, corner punching, air extraction from full bags and punching, in order to optimize end results.

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