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High-speed horizontal FFS bagging machine for plastic bags from tubular reel

Up to 2600 bags/hour

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The high-speed FFS bagging machine ILERBAG HS provides a…

  • Highly efficient process with reduced downtime: The ILERBAG HS is completely automated (which can reduce downtime), and speeds can reach up to 2600 cycles/hour, without sudden movements or vibrations.
  • Product that’s optimally packaged: The design of the ILERBAG HS includes an in-bag settling system, which helps achieve optimal filling volumes and bag stacking.
  • Machine that saves energy: The design of the ILERBAG HS includes an energy recovery system in the deceleration phase, which diverts energy to other operations.
  • Machine that’s easy to operate: This machine records a variety of recipes and bag formats, which can be easily re-selected and adjusted, if needed.
  • Machine requiring low maintenance: The ILERBAG HS has been designed with materials that require no maintenance for several million cycles.
  • Machine that is smooth and precise: The ILERBAG HS moves smoothly and precisely during the bagging process, which helps with inertial control and prolongs the life of the machine’s components.
  • Machine that is easily cleaned and maintained: The design of the ILERBAG HS allows the inner mechanisms to be easily accessible.  It has no guides or barriers making it one of the most accessible bagging machines available.
  • Machine that is highly accurate:  The ILERBAG HS is equipped with weighing systems and high-speed flow controls, which can accurately maintain acceptable standards.

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