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We are introducing Canada and the USA to the Ilerpal W, a hybrid high-level layer palletizer with a high capacity designed explicitly for open-mouth bags. This machine is not just a tool; it’s a revolution in bagging and palletizing. Well-suited for diverse industries, from agri-food to construction and mining, the Ilerpal W is a game-changer in the market. HS Automation is a family-run company known for customizing systems to align with your production needs. Call us today to learn more about how we can help your business.

Key Characteristics of the Ilerpal W

The Ilerpal W has a synchronized open-mouth bag gripper head for greater precision. The telescopic infeed conveyor moves with the gripper, avoiding unnecessary movement and contributing to production gains and energy savings. It also features a double layer-forming gate with bag sweep areas coated in polyethylene (PE-1000) for smooth layering onto the pallet. The palletizing gripper for open-mouth bags ensures efficient handling, while the top layer compaction system pushes each layer against the top floating platforms using the lift platform.

Unraveling the Benefits of Ilerpal W

The Ilerpal W, a product from the renowned TMI Bagging & Palletizing line, is engineered for high production levels using open-mouth bags. It offers an array of advantages that set it apart from its competitors. Firstly, it guarantees load stability on the pallet, ensuring the secure transportation of your goods. With its flexible and versatile format changes, it caters to diverse production needs. Furthermore, this palletizing gripper for open-mouth bags operates quietly and precisely, minimizing disruption in your production environment. Another key benefit of the Ilerpal W is its potential for energy savings. Optimized logistics streamlines your operations and contributes to your sustainability goals.

Broad Applications of Ilerpal W

The Ilerpal W is a versatile tool with a broad range of applications. It is a hybrid high-level layer palletizer featuring a high-capacity robotic arm designed explicitly for open-mouth bags. It offers an impressive output of up to 1,500 bags per hour, with a maximum pallet height of 2,700 mm. Ilerpal W is suitable for various sectors, including agri-food for seeds, grains, animal feed, pet foods, food for sugar, flour, pulses, and nuts, and the chemical and petrochemical sectors for plastic granules and fertilizers. Even the construction and mining industries find handling items like sepiolites and salt helpful.

Additional Options for the Ilerpal W

Ilerpal W comes with several additional options that you can choose from to suit your specific requirements. These include a cardboard sheet dispenser for empty and loaded pallets, a PE sheet dispenser from the roll for empty pallets with a stapler for securing, and a tackle to make changing rolls easier. For those dealing with corrosive products, anti-corrosion versions are available. There are also ATEX versions for work in Classified Zones. This machine also offers an automatic stretch-wrapping option. Once the pallet exits the palletizer, the entire pallet is securely wrapped, minimizing the need for additional handling by the forklift. This feature ensures that the whole pallet is quickly and efficiently ready for shipping or storage.

Let HS Automation Level Up Your Business

From full automation to a simple setup, our experienced team at HS Automation offers comprehensive plant layout and automation solutions tailored to your specific needs. With our cutting-edge technology, we provide expertise you can rely on to optimize your production line and drive your business toward success. Contact us today to explore how the Ilerpal H can transform your operations, increase efficiency, and help you achieve your long-term goals.

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