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The Fischbein PBC 6000 series bag closer is a top of the range system designed to close multi-wall paper pinch bags. The machine comes started with variable speed and can close bags up to 75 Ft/per minute. This machine is perfect for a wide variety of applications from coffee to food additives and agricultural products. The patented design all but eliminates bag jams and ensures nearly maintenance-free use.

Fischbein DRC 300 series bag closer machine is a double roll and glue model. Capable of handling open-mouthed bags weighing up to 50lbs. The machine trims the bag top, then creates the first fold, then applies glue and folds a second time, at a high speed of up to 75′ per minute.

Brochure for Fischbein PBC 6000
Brochure for Fischbein DRC 300

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