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HS Automation proudly offers The Ilerpal C palletizer to businesses in Canada and the USA. This cutting-edge machine is designed to meet the diverse needs of industries ranging from agri-food to construction and mining. It’s an outstanding product from the TMI bagging and palletizing range, offering significant energy and component savings. Call our team today for more information and ordering assistance.


Ilerpal C High-Level Automatic Palletizer Options

The Ilerpal C high-level automatic palletizer comes with a variety of options for customization. These include a cardboard sheet dispenser for empty and loaded pallets, a PE sheet dispenser from the roll for empty pallets, automatic paper insertion between layers from the roll, and more. Anti-corrosion versions are available for handling corrosive products. And if you’re working in Classified Zones, we offer ATEX versions for safe operation.

Features of The Ilerpal C High-Level Automatic Palletizer

The Ilerpal C is not your average palletizer. It’s designed with features that set it apart from the competition. It offers an output of up to 2,800 bags per hour, depending on the palletizing layouts and the number of layers. The gears used in this palletizer ensure savings of between 20% and 25% compared to other gears used in palletizing systems. Additionally, the Ilerpal C has a double layer-forming gate with bag sweep areas coated in polyethylene (PE-1000), allowing the layers to slide onto the pallet more smoothly.

The Ilerpal C: Outstanding Benefits

The Ilerpal C is renowned for its energy and component savings, offering up to a 25% reduction in costs compared to other palletizing systems. While bags requiring overlap features may not be great for this model, options like flour bags, cement bags, sandblasting, motor mix, and valve bags, in general, are a good fit for this machine. Its gentle, quiet, and precise operation ensures perfect pallet finishes every time. With flexible, quick format changes and simple, intuitive handling, The Ilerpal C is designed to enhance your productivity. Maintenance is a breeze with The Ilerpal C. Its easy and quick maintenance features ensure minimal downtime and increased operational efficiency. The Ilerpal C is not just an investment in an automatic palletizer; it’s an investment in your business’s future.

HS Automation Has You Covered

Whether you need full automation or a simple setup, HS Automation provides a tailor-made solution with The Ilerpal C high-level automatic palletizer. You can also rely on the automatic stretch wrapper feature. This machine automatically wraps your full pallet after exiting the palletizer. This reduces the amount of pallet handling by the forklift and makes the full pallet ready for shipping or storage. Contact us today to discuss how the Ilerpal C high-level automatic palletizer can elevate your operations.

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