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plant design

Let us help you design and build your next processing plant. With our extensive knowledge of processing equipment and automation our team will provide the right solution for you. From lbs. per day to tons per minute, from simple manual operation to truly automated system, our PLC based control package allows you to run and monitor your plant with your I-pad or smartphone. Our line of equipment can separate dry, bulk particles by the following differences, Length, Width, Weight, Density, Surface Texture and Color.

Whether you need a single machine or the whole plant, from receiving and storage, through processing and packaging–HS Automation can handle it.

This is an example of our easy to use HMI. The operator selects the product the plant is going to process, the plant will start processing after the valves and gates are in the correct position, The HMI displays red or green for each gate, once all the gates are in the correct position the path will be green and the plant will start. This makes the plant very simple to operate.

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