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Stone seprator

AKY Stone Separator

Stone Separator Machine is for efficient separation of stones and metal, glass, and other high-density (heavier) foreign objects from seed lot.

The Purpose of Stone Separator Machine:

Seed feed into the Pre-Storage hopper via conveyor. Stone separation in machine created by eccentric system with heavy vibration and a pressure air from the bottom of impurities separation is provided.

General Specifications of Stone Separator Machine: 

  • Machine Designed with Autodesk Inventor 3D mechanical solid modeling design software.
  • Production all parts CNC cutting system
  • Final touch finishes, electrostatic painting and powder coating system including, powder coating oven.
  • Used eccentric deck system which has a dynamic and stable structure.
  • Mechanical installation step took place in computer-aided production line.

Distinguishing Specifications of Stone Separator Machine: 

  • Linear feeding
  • Speed Controller
  • Fixed speed eccentric engine running.
  • air motors used to operate at a fixed speed air flow from below.
  • Air pressure can be changed manually with the valve plug.

Products can be used in machine : Pulses, Grain, Cumin Sesame or so.

AKY Stone Separator Brochure

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